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At RAISEUP, we always dive in depth with you from the very beginning, to the very end of the project in order to really help you understand the whole process and to ultimately provide you with CLARITY! From the procedures we will take out, to the warranty involved, to the material that will be utilized and everything else in between!

Please see our wide range of service below.

Acrylic Render

Raiseup Rendering are rendering specialists offering acrylic rendering in Sydney. Pre-mixed, usually in buckets or bags, ideally used for smoother surfaces including blueboard, polystyrene foam, and almost anything else! (There’s nothing we cannot render these days – it’s insane!). This option is greater in price when compared to sand and cement, but it’s well worth your money as acrylic extends according to the temperature. If you’re looking for the best acrylic rendering in Sydney speak to our team today!


Application of render/acrylic that smoothens brick walls, without fully concealing the texture of the bricks. This is the only option I’d suggest clients to do themselves as it is much easier to carry out its procedures.

Blueboard Rendering

Blueboard / fibre cement sheets, usually used as an external wall cladding, just like anything else – MUST be well prepared prior to rendering for a fine quality finish! This includes getting rid of any excess dust, ensuring the sheets are not DAMP before rendering, etc.

Coloured Render

The ICING on the cake.. as we love to say. One of the greatest finishes when it comes to rendering. This awesome option also means there’s no need to paint! Coloured render offers a tough, flexible and water resistant finish which is necessary to cope with our harsh Aussie conditions.

Polystyrene Foam Panels

Polystyrene foam panels are these awesome super lightweight panels constructed of expanded beads of polystyrene which offer a unique and awesome thermal performance, especially when compared to other options like blueboard or even brick.

Sand & Cement Render

Sand & cement rendering in Sydney is arguably the best and most common method of ‘render’ for several reasons. Contents of cement render include cement, clay/lime, as well as sand allowing this option to be greatly inexpensive when compared to other options. Call our team of specialist today for the best cement rendering in Sydney.

White Set Plaster

A beautiful way to really bring your indoors to its full potential. It is necessary and recommended after you rendered any walls internally to apply white set to really help achieve a beautiful smooth, glossy finish prior to applying the paint. Ideally used for heavy traffic sections of the home.

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